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What is technology iQ?

Technology iQ is a group of technically skilled professionals who strive to provide meaningful feedback to industry leaders about their technology roadmaps. The folks we’ve interviewed over the years emphasized a desire for such a forum of like-minded peers who give input on product directions. Together, we will ensure your ideas are heard by senior executives in technology.

Who is invited to join this group?

We seek a variety of perspectives in technology including builders, maintainers, leaders, and doers. We want to hear from executives and managers, administrators, developers, software and systems architects, and DevOps roles from all industries and sizes. We seek input from people working in startups and mature companies. We also are focused on the technology and decision makers roles in public sector.

I provide feedback to my provider, so why participate here?

While the leading technology providers have dedicated customer support teams, our studies provide an objective, neutral source beyond their customer base. Technology executives need to hear from both their customers and the broader market for topical directions. We extract insights from your responses and aggregate with others in similar roles and responsibilities. The result is a powerful messsage on technically complex topics. We prefer to leave customer satisfaction metrics to others.

What kinds of market research studies do panelists participate in?

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The technology iQ Executive Panel follows strict privacy and data protection rules.

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Technology iQ members are privy to exclusive market intelligence reports.

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How do I join?

We value your time. It just takes a few minutes to get started. Begin your registration by completing our profiler. This ensures that we share technology specific studies that are relevant to you. Our studies will be sent to your inbox or pushed to your smart phone or found on your custom dashboard.

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